New Blog Announcement!! RADIANT

Hi friends! You may have noticed I have not been writing nearly as often as I used to. With three teens and a ten year old, life has gotten significantly more busy. In the hiatus I’ve taken from writing blogs like Living With Heart contains, I have found a new love for writing short and simple writings about God based on a Scripture. Some of you have seen them on Facebook and Instagram, but the majority of you haven’t. Living With Heart will remain and I will continue to post on here occasionally and hopefully a bit more again in the near future. This new blog has an entirely different purpose.

Announcing Radiant! Radiant. I have come to love this word immensely because of Psalm 34:5 “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” According to Merriam-Webster, radiant means marked by or expressive of love. Wow! When we look towards Him, we know who we are. We are radiant. We are marked by love by the One who knows everything about us. Nothing about us can shock him. Not one little bit.

The purpose of Radiant is to look to him together. The writings will be very short and in first person form declaring the truth of who we are in light of the one who made us. I will be posting 3-4 times a week, sometimes more and hopefully not less.

The writings will look like this:

Song of Solomon 2:4 – “He brought me to the banqueting table and his banner over me is love.”

A banner declares, gives identity and unifies. His banner over me is love. It declares who I am. Loved. Because of the Cross, I can live my life as one who is ransomed from sin, bought with a high price, overshadowed by an attentive God, cared for by the one who IS love, completely known by him who knows all, heard by the one who understands, safe with he who holds the universe, and enjoyed by the giver of joy. I am deeply loved. I no longer need others to rest my identity on. I can freely love because I am freely loved.

Father, Help me to see your love more clearly. The more clearly I see your deep love for me, the more free I will be. As your heart is revealed towards me, I will be able to more freely love. Untangle the lies in my mind that tell me who I am not, who I should be and who I wish I was. Help my soul to rest knowing I am loved and it is this love that will transform my life. Show me where I have rested my identity on things other than you. I choose to lean into you.

My hope is we carry these words in our hearts throughout the day and as we meditate on the truths of His word, untrue words over our lives will begin to dissipate. I say ‘we’ because often these writings, okay all of these writings, come from my mornings with him. You can pretty much know what I am learning by what I write. This is how God cements these truths for me. So it is true when I say these are for us together. If something stands out, write it down. I perpetually have one word on my little $1 section chalkboard from Target. It will often have different words like known, loved, remembered, held, etc written on it. These one word reminders, help me to stand on truth.

So there you have it! If you are interested, hop on over to my new blog (link at bottom of page) and follow! Please, please comment. I really want there to be a community feel and for people to share what God is speaking to them. I have found so many things are more rich when experienced together!

So far, I just have the welcome blog up, but the posts will start today!





One thought on “New Blog Announcement!! RADIANT

  1. Carolyn F Tobias says:


    You are such a “bright Light” for Him, the perfect person to write about “Radiance!” Bless you, dear One, Carolyn



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