Beautiful You – Announcing Makayla’s New Blog!

My sweet girl, Makayla, came to me this past week and told me that God has been speaking to her about writing. Over the past few months I have watched her really start to find her identity in the God who loves her and subsequently He has given her a heart for the girls her age. Tonight we sat down and I helped her set up her new site and she pulled up something she had written for the first post. Of course, I am not biased at all, but I must say I think it is beautiful.

My heart is full as I think about all that God is showing her and teaching her. I am reminded of the time when God spoke the most simple and profound statement to me. I had been in a season of worrying about our children’s relationships with God and if we had taught enough, done enough, invested enough. We were cresting the teenage years with a bit of a rough start and it seemed that things were going backwards instead of forward and then God spoke His words that have forever changed my view.

He said, “You can trust your children with their relationships with Me.” In that small statement, He reminded me that HE is the one on the other side of their relationship with Him. I don’t need to control it, nor should I. I just need to cultivate my own relationship with Him and pray for my children. I need to let them hash out their beliefs and always point them to the great and good God, but their relationship with Him is not mine to handle and God is fully capable of holding tight on the other side. Sure, we guide them and protect them, but He is the all wise knowing God. Watching Him take their hearts and wrap them in His deep love is something I feel privileged to have a front row seat for.

My heart is full as I see that God enraptures the hearts of old and young alike. Please pray that her blog will reach the girls it needs to. Thank you!

Here is a link to her blog 🙂


One thought on “Beautiful You – Announcing Makayla’s New Blog!

  1. Carolyn F Tobias says:

    Dear sweet Wendy, I am rejoicing with you and will be praying for Makayla’s new blog. Much love in Him Who writes on the tablets of our hearts, Carolyn Tobias



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