So here it goes…

After many years of writing a lot of different things and a couple of years of my persistent husband, John, trying to get me to blog.  I have decided it is time.  Actually, my big hangup has been the prospect of starting.  Unfortunately, I have a confession to make.  I am not at all amazing at technology.  I mean I’m great at getting emails, using Facebook and Pinterest to get great ideas to burden entertain my husband with.  He hates loves Pinterest so much that he is continually helping me with crafting my copycat amazing ideas.  My 12 year old son actually went so far as to say that husbands everywhere should sue Pinterest.  He especially feels bad for my dad, who has so endured enjoyed making things for my sister, Grace.  He graciously gleefully passed on the Pinterest hat to her husband, Cameron.  I do actually know how to do more than that on computers, (for those of you who remember I homeschool our kids and are worried about their education under someone so in the dark ages) but I really do not enjoy technology.  It may be because I live with a personal IT consultant who is more than willing to take care of any and all things pertaining to computers. (so you see, you don’t have to worry about my kids with a technology challenged mom).  What I do love is writing and I do write quite a bit, but I’m generally more of a paper and pen kind of girl.  I didn’t say I was good at it, just that I love it.  I like to write in a colorful journal with my purple pen. I started using a purple pen because I couldn’t find any other pen, but now it’s my favorite.   I like the way the words flow and the writing looks different depending on my mood. Some days I write so fast that I can’t read what I wrote and other days the words come more slowly, but the penmanship is amazing.  On slow word days, I tend to get really artsy with my handwriting and flower drawing.  The real reason that this blog is starting today instead of say, next week, is because our sweet, fourteen year old son decided that it is time.  As a firstborn with a drive to make things happen, he has been asking me to start blogging.  I don’t know why he has been asking me, but he has.  Our twelve year old has been after me to take interior design classes.  He’s convinced that we could be coworkers with him as architect and me as interior designer.  I think I see a theme of my kids trying to keep me occupied,  I wonder if that should make me nervous?  Anyway, Josiah, the fourteen year old, took it upon himself last night to sit down and start setting up my blog and would not take no for an answer.  So, I now have a blog.

On a more serious note, the only time I’ve ever blogged was when we had our stillborn daughter at 20 weeks.  Blogging cemented in my heart what God was doing in our lives at the time and serve as a reminder to me that He is always there in the middle of whatever is happening in our lives.  I wrote as a way to walk through the pain and I found that through the blogs, God helped many people in the midst of their own personal seasons of loss.  Some of them much different than mine and some more heartbreaking than mine.  Through the words that we write, we can remind each other to carry on and take heart because God is good and He is always faithful even when we can’t see what is going on.  My heart is that through this blog, ultimately my kids will have the story of our lives and how God worked in, through and around us.  By sharing the stories and opening up my life for others to see, hopefully God will bring freedom to others.  It is through other’s stories that God has set me free from so much as well as taught me more about who He is.  Sometimes we need each other’s stories to make sense of our own. It is important to see our stories as bigger than ourselves and when we write our stories, God is glorified.  In the bigger picture of life, when we step back and look, we can see His hand weaving our story together.  The Bible is the ultimate story of God working throughout time on behalf of man.  In our smaller stories, we can see it too.  We have a God who is always working on our behalf whether we see it or not.  He’s always fighting for us.  The more we tell our stories, the more God’s heart will be evident towards us.  Ultimately, I want His heart to be evident to those around me and as I write, it will become more evident to me as well.  What we don’t write, we often forget.  I want to remember the goodness of God.

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